Adult dating in the office

Making my way through another day as a cubical slave, droning through the pile of paperwork on my desk, and wishing I had another cup of coffee. Just me and a thousand more just like me living half our lives in a maze. No wonder office romance gets started with adult dating. Without that little bit of spice and gossip we would surely die from boredom. Just as I settle into another stack of work here she comes, the boss lady. Everyone hates her but she has always been nice to me. I am not sure why she does but maybe it’s because I don’t talk a lot of shit and always get my work done.
She may be mean as a snake but no one can deny the fact that she looks damn good. I have set in this damn cube letting life drift by now until I found myself 43 years old. In 43 years I never had a woman like that under me. I can’t help but to look as she goes by. She always wears the prefect dress or skirt. Like they are tailor made or something. They are silky and cling to her body showing every detail. Long sexy legs and she always wears those perfect high heels, you know, the ones every guy wishes his wife would wear.
 How can a body look so creamy soft and be so firm at the same time? She has that confident walk that turns many guys away but I love that in a woman. I look up from her legs and see her looking straight at me. She caught me looking again. I always check her out good and I don’t intend on stopping. I know she can fire me but if you are going to go around looking that damn good then men are going to stare, real men anyway. And this is where I pay the price.
There she comes right into my cube. I figure I am in for an ass chewing now, maybe she has caught me looking one to many times. With her hand on my shoulder she ask me to pull up a file on my computer. My computer doesn’t have access to files at that level so we must go into her office to view the file. What did I fuck up now I keep thinking? Pull it up on mine please, she says. As I look up I see her closing the blinds. She is a strong woman and doesn’t waste any time. Come to me she says as she lays back on the sofa.

I am going for this like nothing I ever did before. I slide up that silky skirt and begin kissing her thighs while I remove her panties. As I slide my throbbing cock inside her I look in her face and can see she has thought about this for a long time also. I work it slow, I really want this to last as long as I can. I feel her tight pussy sucking back on my cock with every stroke. Her long soft legs wrapped around my waist as I blow my load deep inside of this little honey. To make a long story short, guess who is the new assistant with the corner office? You know, she’s not as mean as everyone thinks she is. She’s really a sweet woman who needs a man to treat her like one.